5G: A mobile operator - independent 5G test project has been implemented in the city center and at an agricultural site

CETIN Hungary is capable of delivering service-provider independent fifth-generation mobile network (5G) small cell solutions. For the implementation of two 5G small-cell test projects the Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Ltd. launched an open EU public procurement procedure, which was won by MVM Net Ltd., (Formally also known as AH Net Ltd.) a provider of telecommunications services requiring critical availability, in cooperation with the neutral, integrated infrastructure provider CETIN Hungary Ltd.  

Business problem: 
The project aimed to investigate how to economically build and operate a 5G network in different environments, such as densely populated urban areas and agricultural areas, and later expand it on a larger scale in an environmentally responsible manner. Such future network solutions will require dense installation of small cells, at intervals of 100-150 meters. The project was implemented in Kecskemét and Mezőhegyes locations.  

In Kecskemét's city center, CETIN Hungary established an independent 5G small cell environment on the infrastructure of public lighting. In the other location, Mezőhegyes, an agricultural 5G small cell test network was built on the premises of the Nemzeti Ménesbirtok és Tangazdaság Ltd. The Stud Farm is a digital farm model that employs and explores the latest technologies and possibilities in agriculture, requiring a well-functioning and high-capacity network. 
Pilot results: 

In the coming years, there will be a demand for the installation of multiple small cells 5G systems, to ensure proper coverage in areas where a large number of users congregate in a small space (such as stadiums, festivals, tourist sites, or large apartment buildings) and in locations with unique use cases that demand high-capacity mobile access (agricultural or industrial facilities, logistics centers).  
Where CETIN Hungary can help: 
The results of the pilots confirmed, that for 5G services to be economically viable and environmentally friendly, it is advisable to avoid every service provider individually investing in infrastructure development. The optimization of network deployment is essential. CETIN Hungary is a perfect partner to establish such independent network infrastructure solutions.