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Advanced mobile network solution in the new luxury hotel of Tokaj

CETIN Hungary's mobile network-independent indoor antenna system now supports mobile network connectivity in the Minaro Hotel in Csurgó Valley, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, in the area originally considered as a radio blind spot. The technology, which is also used in office buildings, factories, sports centers, and key urban hubs, allows people in buildings with poor network coverage to have high-quality voice and data connectivity just like in a big city.

The mobile network infrastructure of the soon-to-open five-star Minaro Hotel in Tokaj has been upgraded with CETIN Hungary Ltd's top-quality, carrier-independent antenna system. During the project, a total of 44 indoor antennas and a 1200-meter-long cable connecting them were installed in the hotel, thus providing guests with high-quality mobile data connections in all 100 rooms. 
Nowadays, reliable and fast mobile connection is increasingly critical. While telecom operators are constantly broadening and improving their network capacity, there are certain conditions, such as busy urban hubs, indoor environments, and geographic areas out of traffic, that can degrade the quality of wireless service. In such cases, specific solutions that can meet high data capacity demands in a stable and localized manner are ideal. 
"By the establishment of the hotel, our main goal is to increase the tourist attractiveness of the Tokaj region, and therefore we are also paying great attention to the high quality of the hotel's infrastructure. The geographical conditions at the site of the project in the Csurgó Valley did not allow for a fast and stable mobile network, so we had to look for a service provider that could provide this professionally for us. CETIN Hungary has proven to be a reliable partner from the planning and deployment to the operation, and we are confident that all mobile operators will utilize the opportunity to join here at Minaro Hotel and at other similar developments the established networks to provide appropriate quality services to their own customers" said Róbert Vécsey, Director of Tokaj Csurgó Völgy Ltd. 
"The passive indoor antenna system installed in the Csurgó Valley is advantageous because any domestic mobile operator can connect to it, allowing hotel guests to enjoy high-quality coverage on all mobile networks. The antenna system was built with all the necessary fiber optic cabling, making it easy for operators to connect and they can also use the microwave transmission network, installed and operated by CETIN, to connect their own substations," said Judit Kübler-Andrási, CEO of CETIN Hungary. 

The construction of the passive antenna system was ordered and financed by Tokaj Csurgó Völgy Ltd. So far, two Hungarian mobile operators have connected their stations to the antenna system to ensure a high level of indoor voice and data services.