Balaland hotel: Advanced network solution for the New Luxury Hotel at lake Balaton

The independent indoor antenna system of CETIN Hungary helped a luxury hotel situated on the southern shore of Lake Balaton to establish the best quality network connectivity. The Mövenpick Balaland Resort Lake Balaton is located in Szántód, at Somogy County.  

Business problem: 
When constructing Hungary's first five-star family-friendly hotel, developers emphasized the importance of providing adequate mobile coverage for the location to ensure undisturbed relaxation for the hotel's guests. Referring to a previous successful project (Minaro Hotel Tokaj MGallery), Dreamland Holding once again chose CETIN Hungary as their mobile connectivity partner.  
To address this challenge, CETIN Hungary Zrt. implemented a modern antenna system commonly used in office buildings, sports centers, factories, and prominent urban hubs. These locations require the ability to satisfy high data capacity demands locally and reliably. During the project, a system covering 109 rooms and over 10,000 square meters was established. CETIN Hungary deployed 33 antennas and over 800 meters of feeder cable to establish a multi-operator, independent indoor antenna system. An independent network system is advantageous because all Hungarian service providers can connect to it with equal conditions.   
Where CETIN Hungary can help: 
CETIN Hungary has proven to be a reliable partner in the project by installing a well-functioning, modern, and service-provider independent, multi-operator network.