CETIN Hungary's Partnerships: Cooperation agreements with Hungary’s two leading universities

CETIN Hungary established cooperation agreements with two Hungarian universities, Óbuda University and Széchenyi István University of Győr. The aim of the cooperation is to mutually elevate the quality of education and to enhance the infrastructure of the institutions while promoting the development of mobile and 5G network infrastructure. The ambition is to train professionals with advanced technical skills by joint research programs and innovative projects in the field of telecommunications.  

Óbuda University 

CETIN Hungary and Óbuda University have signed a long-term cooperation agreement aiming on the development of technical skills and the training of professionals with competitive degrees matching actual workforce demand. CETIN donated a total of 417 pieces of transmission technology equipment to the university in order to improve the quality of education and the infrastructure of the institution. In addition, the company also provided professional consulting services to the university to assist in the use and future application of the equipment. 

According to the agreement, the parties will seek to expand cooperation in the future, in particular by developing and launching joint training and research programs, as well as by identifying and implementing joint professional projects.  

Széchenyi István University of Győr 

In a separate partnership, CETIN Hungary and the Digital Development Center (DDC) at the Széchenyi István University of Győr are cooperating to develop joint research, development, and innovation projects in the fields of 5G measurement technology, telecommunication solutions pilot projects and artificial intelligence-based security solutions. 

Within the framework of the cooperation, CETIN participates in the training of the undergraduate and master's students of the University, and in the expansion of their practical knowledge in the field of mobile telecommunications and also donated hardware network elements to the University for research and student projects to develop the test lab. Students can also apply for internships and entry-level positions.  

Shaping the Future of Tech 

These innovative partnerships represent the joint commitment of CETIN Hungary and the universities to advance education and prepare future professionals for the dynamic and evolving telecommunications and technology industries.