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Cooperation agreement between CETIN Hungary and Óbuda University

CETIN Hungary and Óbuda University have agreed on a cooperation. Within the framework of the partnership the neutral, integrated infrastructure provider will donate a package of transmission technology equipment exceeding 400 items to the university. The parties' key objectives include the promotion of the development of mobile and 5G network infrastructures and closely related systems.

CETIN Hungary and Óbuda University have signed a long-term cooperation agreement aiming at the development of technical skills and the training of professionals with competitive degrees matching actual workforce demand. CETIN will donate a total of 417 pieces of transmission technology equipment to the university in order to improve the quality of education and the infrastructure of the institution. In addition, the company will also provide professional consulting services to the university to assist in the use and future application of the equipment. 

"For CETIN, it is of great importance to participate in raising the quality of replenishment education, especially in the educational areas highly important for the company's human resources needs," said Tamás Ötvös, CEO of CETIN Hungary Zrt. "Therefore, we are pleased that our agreement with Óbuda University will be the second significant partnership with a higher education institution going live this year." 

"We are constantly striving to ensure that our students receive not only theoretical education but also appropriate practical training in line with the current market needs,” emphasized Dr. Habil Imre Felde, Vice-Rector for Business and Industrial Relations at Óbuda University after the signing ceremony. "This is one of the reasons why today one out of three engineers in the labor market is from Óbuda University", added the Vice-Rector. He emphasized that this is why the agreement reached today with one of Hungary's leading neutral telecommunications infrastructure providers is of particular importance. "In the long term, the cooperation will contribute to the training of - both in Hungary and internationally - highly sought-after and competitive professionals," said Dr Habil Imre Felde. 

According to the agreement, the parties will seek to expand cooperation in the future, in particular by developing and launching joint training and research programs, as well as by identifying and implementing joint professional projects.