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Figures show a successful year for CETIN Hungary

CETIN Hungary Zrt. successfully closed its third full business year. The neutral, integrated telecommunications infrastructure provider significantly increased its investments, revenues and profits. The company plans to invest nearly HUF 23 billion in network development this year.

CETIN Hungary Zrt.'s net sales revenue increased by more than 30 percent from HUF 51.4 billion in 2022 to HUF 67.2 billion, while capital expenditure (CAPEX) increased by nearly 8 percent from HUF 26.2 billion to HUF 28.3 billion. The company's earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) amounted to HUF 45.5 billion, more than 20 percent higher than in 2022.

Modern infrastructure – the telecom network of the future

CETIN Hungary owns and operates more than 4,000 base stations and the entire transmission network (microwave, optical, DWDM, IPMPLS networks) connecting them, as well as the 10 data centres and their supporting IT infrastructure.

By the end of April this year, the company had upgraded nearly 88% (3458 base stations) of its nationwide mobile infrastructure. 21% of CETIN Hungary's base stations are 5G-enabled, the 5G technology is functioning. The service provided on the company's mobile infrastructure has achieved outstanding results in the 5G quality competition in both domestic and international comparisons.*

CETIN Hungary will continue to develop its infrastructure: the company plans to invest around HUF 23 billion in network upgrades in 2024, and as a result, its network will be almost fully upgraded by the end of this year. Under the terms of a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian Government and Yettel Hungary Zrt. for the development of digitalisation, CETIN and Yettel will invest at least HUF 72 billion in mobile network development between 2024 and 2028.

"Last year's results, growth and infrastructure developments create a solid basis for us to focus on customer-centric, secure and complex digital network solutions in addition to traditional data connectivity and infrastructure services," said Judit Kübler-Andrási, CEO of CETIN Hungary Zrt. “In the future, we will put a special focus on our cybersecurity services and on making our telecommunications infrastructure solutions for the construction sector and other industries as widely known as possible."

Energy efficiency

With data traffic growing rapidly year on year, energy efficiency and sustainable energy supply in telecom infrastructures, especially in base stations and data centres, is becoming increasingly crucial. CETIN is continuously looking at how to achieve significant environmental benefits in its operations, taking into account the current energy policy environment and incentives.

In 2023, CETIN Hungary reduced its energy consumption by around 5.3 GWh (the consumption of more than 2,100 average Hungarian households)  through energy efficiency measures related to data centres and base stations – energy saving features of smart radio access network devices, smart cooling solutions, solar solutions, energy storage development - and network modernisation. The company will continue to improve its energy efficiency in 2024.

State-of-the-art data transmission services

CETIN provides seamless mobile connectivity services to B2B customers and their end-users throughout Hungary.

A provider-independent antenna system provides perfect voice and data connectivity in areas classified as "blind spots", in high-traffic areas or in buildings with poor network accessibility like office buildings, factories, sports centres and high-priority urban hubs.

A good example is CETIN's installation of a network-independent DAS and Macro systems in the BudaPart Downtown (BOG office) and BudaPart Radisson Hotel buildings, in a development area of BudaPart, the newest quarter of Budapest. This allowed all telecom operators in Hungary to be connected to the network, ensure that communication needs are met at a high level in the long term, for tens of thousands of expected future residents, and also for the users of the hotel, offices, shops and community spaces.

Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) simplify network management and deployment. Centralised management allows network resources to be optimised, with increasing network performance and reliability. CETIN, in partnership with Yettel, has deployed and operates such networks on more than 100 endpoints, for example for GoodMills Hungary Ltd, the leading milling company in Hungary.

Enterprise Wi-Fi solution provides high-speed, reliable Internet connectivity that is critical for modern businesses to maintain operational efficiency. The scalable and flexible design meets the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises. CETIN has extensive experience in providing such solutions.

Cybersecurity is a key focus at CETIN Hungary. CETIN’s mission is to protect its partners' data, systems and networks from invisible attackers by providing end-to-end security services from architecture design and solution integration to operations and maintenance, monitoring and other SOC capabilities.


* For example, in the OpenSignal Mobile Experience Awards 2024 report in February, Yettel’s service on the network provided by CETIN Hungary was ranked first in six categories, while in the 5G GLOBAL MOBILE NETWORK EXPERIENCE AWARDS 2023 report, CETIN Hungary was ranked in the top ten for its outstanding increase in download speed.