Girls' Day at CETIN Hungary: Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Tech and Engineering

In the ever-evolving world of technology and engineering, it's not just men who have to find their place; it's a domain where anyone with passion and determination can thrive. This belief forms the cornerstone of Girls' Day, a day dedicated to supporting and encouraging teenage girls to become whoever they want to be. 

What is Girl’s Day:  

Girls' Day is Hungary’s largest girls' career orientation event, when thousands of young girls gain lifelong inspiration for their career choices and when tech companies, universities, and research institutions provide a glimpse behind the scenes and when the scientific, technological, and engineering professions open to girls. 


Girl’s Day at CETIN:  

During the Girl’s Day at CETIN Hungary among other things, the girls learned about the operation of mobile networks and gained an insight into the happenings of the server room. Also, the organizers featured discussions with inspiring leaders and professionals who have had highly successful careers in tech and engineering fields. Including but not limited to, Ágnes Drágus (Senior Technical Controller), Petra Jugenheimer (Head of Network and Data Center Implementation), György Gaszmann (Digitalization and Transformation Director) and Balázs Nagy (Network Strategy, Planning and Development Director).  

Their experiences and insights served as a wellspring of motivation for the young attendees, fueling their aspirations to pursue careers in these exciting domains. 23 high school girls participated at the event, organized in collaboration with the Association of Hungarian Women in Science (NaTE) and Yettel Hungary.  

It was truly uplifting to witness the enthusiasm and curiosity of high school girls eager to explore the vast opportunities in the world of telecommunications.