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Hungary telco market sees launch of new Telenor spin-off infrastructure company named CETIN

More than just a tower company: For the first time in Hungary a new telecommunication service provider model is being implemented based on the separation of the mobile service provider commercial activity from active and passive infrastructure. 

The process of separating Telenor's network infrastructure has been completed also in Hungary, and a newly formed network infrastructure service company called CETIN Hungary starts operating on 1st July. This is part of the regional project of the Czech PPF Group, the owner of Telenor companies in the CEE region and the majority owner of Telenor Hungary, aiming to further strengthen its strategic telecommunications investment in Bulgaria and Serbia, as well as in Hungary. Launched with nearly 200 employees, CETIN Hungary creates new opportunities for the efficient digitalization of the domestic economy with its state-of-the-art network infrastructure solutions. 

In 2015, Telenor Hungary’s majority shareholder, PPF Telecom Group successfully completed a similar transaction in the Czech Republic, contributing to increased valuation of the separated entities. Together with their Czech counterpart, the newly founded three CETIN companies will become the telecommunication infrastructure backbone of the PPF Group in the CEE region. 

The new management, led by Tamás Ötvös CEO, is responsible for managing a continuously growing network of telecommunication, IT, and security infrastructure. 

Separating active and passive infrastructure from mobile consumer retail will enable CETIN Hungary to maximize commercial opportunities, exploit improved potential for wholesale partnerships, and create technological infrastructure synergies within the CETIN Group, while extensive, 24/7 supervised networks, including active and passive elements, IT infrastructure and cybersecurity services will enable provisioning of superior voice, data and other telecommunications services by Telenor Hungary and also to other wholesale customers. 

“There is an ever-increasing need for seamless, reliable, and secure connectivity especially now as our societies and the economy continue to digitalize. CETIN Hungary is in the best position to plan, build, and operate next-generation telecommunications infrastructure solutions needed to comply with the changing demands of customers in an efficient way. This new business model will facilitate innovation and the implementation of new technologies that will drive the telecommunications sector,” said Tamás Ötvös, CEO of CETIN Hungary. 

“With this step, Telenor Hungary will exclusively dedicate energy to their service propositions and residential and business customer management. Our clients will benefit from improved provisioning of next-generation telecommunications products and an improved customer-centric experience,” said Jan Hanus, CEO of Telenor Hungary. 

“AH has been already for decades a major player in the Hungarian telecommunications sector continuously aiming to fulfill the demand of residential and business customers by providing innovative and world-class technology solutions. With the establishment of CETIN Hungary, we became part of a business and technological model, which is a novelty in the Hungarian market. This strategic model improves the efficiency of network development and maintenance and supports the even better utilization of the potential synergies between TnHU, CETIN HU, and AH, as well as other entities in the CETIN Group being created,” said Zsolt Sárecz, CEO of AH. 

“I am proud to announce the achievement of this important business and strategic step enabling us to further strengthen our infrastructure investments. It is also another great milestone in our Joint Venture partnership with Antenna Hungary and I indeed appreciate our partner´s active involvement in this important decision with respect to the separation of CETIN Hungary from Telenor. I believe we have created a strong basis for CETIN to become the major infrastructure player in Hungary,” said Ladislav Bartoníček, PPF Group Shareholder and CEO of PPF Telecom Group.