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Kopaszi Gát and CETIN Hungary cooperate in the modernization of real estate developments

Kopaszi Gát Zrt., a developer of residential and commercial real estate, and CETIN Hungary, a neutral, integrated telecommunications infrastructure provider, have signed a cooperation agreement. The aim of the cooperation, which also covers building information modelling (BIM), is to encourage the deployment and roll-out of the most advanced digitalization infrastructures in Hungarian real estate development. This will ensure that the users of these properties - homes, offices, institutions, community spaces and hospitality venues - have the widest possible access to the benefits of 21st-century digital solutions.

One of CETIN Hungary's services is to build mobile network-independent antenna systems for its business customers and their end-users. These antenna systems provide perfect voice and data connectivity to all users in areas classified as "blind spots" or in high-traffic areas or buildings with poor network accessibility - office buildings, factories, sports centres and major urban hubs.

The company has been commissioned by Kopaszi Gát to install such a system in the BudaPart development area - in the BudaPart Downtown (BOG office) and the BudaPart Radisson Hotel buildings - where all three Hungarian mobile operators will be available. In addition to the tens of thousands of expected future residents, this will ensure a high level of long-term communication for hotel, office, shop and community users. 

"CETIN Hungary is developing and operating an infrastructure that will make the networks of all three mobile operators available, taking all the burden off real estate developers. We are confident that with our digital infrastructure solutions and experience, we can contribute to the success of real estate developments and construction projects. The agreement with Kopaszi Gát Zrt. is a particularly important step in this direction, building on the results achieved so far and also pointing to the future," said Judit Kübler-Andrási, CEO of CETIN Hungary Zrt. - The future-proof and reliable telecommunications network and the associated innovative solutions will not only make real estate development easier and more cost-effective but will also improve the customer experience of mobile internet and telephone usage.

The two companies share a common goal to encourage the deployment and adoption of the most advanced telecom infrastructures in domestic real estate developments. This is now a key priority for almost all non-residential developments, as in many cases, without conscious developer attention and planning, there would be inadequate outdoor or indoor mobile network coverage for prospective users of the property, due to environmental conditions or the lack of state-of-the-art construction technologies such as the shading effect of insulation.

CETIN also considers it important that the design of telecommunication networks for multifunctional spaces and buildings ¬- with sufficient capacity to meet user needs - is an important element from the initial planning stage. The collaboration therefore also covers the new architectural design methodology BIM (Building Information Modelling), in which the design and construction processes of buildings are designed, simulated and optimized using a so-called Digital Twin. In this way, much more information than before is available to support decision-making throughout the life cycle of the buildings, from design to operation. The result will be more cost-effective and sustainable design, construction, and operation.

The two companies are currently examining how to ensure mobile network coverage for further properties under construction at the Kopaszi Gát, CETIN will also design the radio network of the completed projects of the Kopaszi Gát in the BIM model as part of a pilot project, which will facilitate the optimum implementation of the later development phases and operation.