Minaro Hotel: Advanced network solution in Tokaj's new luxury hotel

The independent indoor antenna system of CETIN Hungary helped a luxury hotel in Tokaj to establish network connectivity. The newly opened inaugurated Minaro Hotel Tokaj MGallery is located in the Csurgó Valley of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County.  


Business problem: 
During the construction of the Minaro Hotel, the area was considered a “radio blind spot” zone. Therefore, it was of cardinal importance for the hotel management to find a partner who could assist them in ensuring that individuals staying in buildings with unfavorable network access have access to both voice and data communications, just like in a major city.  

In solving the issue, CETIN Hungary established a modern antenna system commonly deployed also in office buildings, sports centers, factories, and busy urban hubs. In such cases, it is of paramount importance to locally and reliably satisfy high indoor data capacity demands. The installed passive antenna system includes 44 indoor antennas connected by 1200-meter-long cable. It was crucial during the installation to use network-independent technology, allowing any domestic mobile service provider to connect.   

The construction of the passive antenna system was commissioned and funded by Tokaj Csurgó Völgy Kft., the company responsible for the hotel. So far, two domestic mobile service providers have connected their stations to the antenna system to ensure a high level of indoor voice and data services. 

Where CETIN Hungary can help: 
CETIN Hungary Ltd. has proven to be a reliable partner throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation and operation. Our solution delivered the Minaro Hotel a multi-operator network connection enabling high-quality indoor voice and data services as an output of a successfully managed project cooperation.