Volunteering at Esztergom: The renovation of the Határtalan Szív Foundation's House

In September 2022, CETIN Hungary supported the Határtalan Szív Foundation in Esztergom, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of severely disadvantaged children and promoting equal opportunities for young people in their community. 

About Határtalan Szív Foundtation:  

The members of the Order of the School Brothers of Mária and their colleagues have been carrying out their socio-charitable activities in Esztergom since September 1999, after which the "Határtalan Szív" Foundation was established in 2001. 

By March 2002, the "Mi Házunk" Community House was built, in which, with the involvement of teachers, helpers and mentors, education and skill development of nearly 90 young gypsy people living in the area are carried out.  

For over two decades, the Határtalan Szív Foundation has run an after-school program, striving to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for children facing challenging circumstances.  

Volunteers Breathe New Life into the Határtalan Szív Foundation’s House:  

Volunteers from CETIN Hungary Zrt. came together to breathe new life into the Határtalan Szív Foundation's playground, kitchen, and Mi Házunk Community House's fence and also presented gifts for the children, including colored pencils, paint, brushes, and notebooks. 

Some of the volunteers worked on sanding and painting the fence, as well as tidying up the sandbox and cutting the grass on the playground. Simultaneously, another group of volunteers took on the task of sanding and painting the wooden fence of the Community House, assembling furniture, replacing the kitchen, and installing new blinds and faucets in the bathrooms. Our work with the Foundation was driven by our dedicated colleagues who offered their time, skills, and passion to support the aims of the Foundation by transforming the Határtalan Szív Foundation's community center into a vibrant, safe, and welcoming space for the children studying there too.  

It is a great pleasure for us that the foundation thanked our work as invaluable help.