Code of Ethics

The Corporate Complience program of CETIN HUNGARY ZRT.

The Corporate Compliance program of CETIN Hungary Zrt. (as a part of the PPF Group) is a system of control mechanisms designed to prevent unlawful and/or unethical behaviour of CETIN Hungary Zrt. and its employees, statutory bodies, external consultants, etc.
The PPF Group is a diversified investment group, both geographically and professionally. Despite this considerable diversification, the PPF Group combines respect for law, international treaties, ethics, morality and fair trade. These basic rules that the PPF Group and its employees follow in the course of their day-to-day work are guaranteed by the Group's Code of Ethics. The PPF Group is interested in complying with the Code of Ethics in all its activities and under all circumstances, and thus in respecting the PPF Group's basic principles, values and rules.