We offer world-class telecommunications infrastructure services in Hungary

CETIN Hungary operates a high-quality telecommunication infrastructure portfolio, including a full scope of mobile access network assets, an extensive fixed and wireless backbone, and an aggregation network. With this CETIN Hungary owns and operates one of the major telecommunications network infrastructures in Hungary with close to 4000 base stations across the country.

Thanks to our innovative partnerships, best-in-class employees, and customer-driven approach, CETIN Hungary’s objective is to provide a superior customer journey and outstanding performance by driving sustainable technology development and anticipating tomorrow’s needs today.

As part of our core business, we provide network planning, network construction, network operation, transmission technology, data center, IT infrastructure, and IT security services. We also provide advanced connectivity solutions including active distributed antenna systems, 5G small cells, enterprise-managed Wi-Fi, Software-Defined Wide Area Networks, and mobile private network solutions. 

We are an independent wholesale player, and our philosophy is the principle of open network access under fair and neutral conditions for all operators.
CETIN Hungary is part of the CETIN Group. CETIN Group represents four CETIN operating companies in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Hungary.

Our history timeline

The most important milestones of CETIN Hungary are summarized and illustrated in this timeline.
  • 2020 July

    Founding of CETIN Hungary

    Legal separation from Yettel Hungary formulary called Telenor Hungary

  • 2021 March

    New 5G infrastructure

    CETIN Hungary started to roll out 5G radio access network infrastructure

  • 2021 October

    New minority owner in CETIN Group

    GIC becomes a minority shareholder of CETIN Group

  • 2022 February

    Széchenyi István University

    CETIN Hungary and Széchenyi István University signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement

  • 2022 May

    Launch of 5G small-cell test projects

    MVM Net Ltd. (formulary AH NET Ltd.) in cooperation with CETIN Hungary has won an open EU public procurement procedure to implement two 5G 
small-cell test projects.

  • 2022 May

    Óbudai University

    Cooperation agreement between CETIN Hungary and Óbudai University

  • 2023 March

    Corvinus Nemzetközi Befektetési Zrt.

    Corvinus Nemzetközi Befeketési Zrt. acquires a 25% ownership stake in CETIN Hungary Zrt. from Antenna Hungária Zrt

  • 2023 September

    Launching of STEMpowered by CETIN

    STEMpowered by CETIN is a free talent programme for secondary school girls in partnership with the Association of Hungarian Women in Science (NaTE)

  • 2023 December

    TMT Hungary Holdco B.V.

    TMT Hungary Holdco B.V. acquires a 20% ownership stake in CETIN Hungary Zrt. from Corvinus Nemzetközi Befeketési Zrt.

Equal access – equal treatment
The basis of our corporate philosophy is the principle of neutrality.

 Principle of Neutrality

Equal Access

Equal Treatment

We are open to serving all telecommunication service providers and business partners requiring access to our high-quality telecommunication infrastructure portfolio. We are committed to providing best-in-class services and the highest quality services for all our customers.

Facts about CETIN Hungary

We are a member of
CETIN Group is present in
Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Serbia
We own and operate 
one of Hungary’s largest telecommunication network
We are
an independent supplier of mobile, data and voice services to operators and provider of advanced connectivity solutions
On average, we have 
200 CETIN Hungary employees
We have 
close to 4,000 base stations across the country 
Our network includes
countrywide IPMPLS network,more than 10,000 km of fiber optic, 3500 microwave links in 18 GHz-80GHz bands
Our 4G telecommunications network infrastructure
enables 99,9% coverage of the Hungarian population 
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We are one of the largest telecommunications networks across Central and Eastern Europe

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