CETIN Hungary Network

CETIN Hungary owns and operates one of the largest 5G/4G/2G telecommunications network infrastructures in Hungary. Through its innovative partnerships, best-in-class employees, and customer-focused approach, CETIN Hungary aims to deliver outstanding customer service and performance through sustainable technology development and anticipating tomorrow's needs today.

CETIN Hungary's 4G telecommunications network infrastructure covers 99.9% of the Hungarian population through more than 4,000 base stations across the country.


5G represents one of the most significant innovations in next-generation mobile networks in the history of mobile telecommunications. 5G brings customers higher speeds, greater capacity and coverage, lower latency, and much more reliability than ever before in 4G networks. CETIN Hungary launched a 5G network infrastructure in 2021. We are expanding and developing 5G technology to enable us to extend services to our customers and their end users.
4G & 4G Advanced
Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology has been in operation since 2015 and has achieved outdoor coverage of 99.9% of the population. This technology marks the fourth generation of mobile networks (4G) and gives customers a unique experience when using services that demand high data speeds, as well as faster access to applications such as video content (YouTube, streaming, mobile TV, etc.), watching high-quality video files (up to 4K), streaming music, uploading and downloading files, photos and other content.

CETIN Hungary's 4G Advance infrastructure is a combination of various 4G network features and functions that enable faster web searches. The superior speed is achieved by aggregating multiple LTE operators and using the available spectrum.
This technology is now being phased out.
2G has been in operation since 1994, both for voice services and currently as a data access technology for legacy m2m/IoT devices. Our 2G network has achieved 99.8% coverage of the country's population.

We are one of the largest telecommunications networks across Central and Eastern Europe

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