Impact Stories 

Follow our steps towards sustainability and carbon neutrality
The SD-WAN networking strategy allows companies to replace outdated firewalls, routers, and WAN optimization appliances with a single appliance. This minimizes hardware requirements and power consumption. In addition, the entire strategy is sustainable and has a high-security profile. The project will be completed later this year.
CETIN Hungary has multi-operator radio access network sharing agreement in Hungary. That means that the mobile network built and operated by CETIN is being used to deliver communication services to the end customers of more than one commercial operator. 
Career choices are mostly decided in high school, and fewer girls choose engineering and technology careers due to a lack of supportive environment, according to research by CETIN Hungary Zrt. The independent, integrated telecommunications infrastructure provider wants to change this by launching a free talent program for secondary school girls in partnership with the Association of Hungarian Women in Science (NaTE).
In the ever-evolving world of technology and engineering, it's not just men who have to find their place; it's a domain where anyone with passion and determination can thrive. This belief forms the cornerstone of Girls' Day, a day dedicated to supporting and encouraging teenage girls to become whoever they want to be. 
CETIN Hungary is constantly looking for innovative solutions to make its operations more sustainable. To this end, the company is testing the efficiency of using locally produced green energy to power its base stations in three settlements – Gyál, Dunaharaszti and Érd. 
In September 2022, CETIN Hungary supported the Határtalan Szív Foundation in Esztergom, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of severely disadvantaged children and promoting equal opportunities for young people in their community. 
CETIN Hungary established cooperation agreements with two Hungarian universities, Óbuda University and Széchenyi István University of Győr. The aim of the cooperation is to mutually elevate the quality of education and to enhance the infrastructure of the institutions while promoting the development of mobile and 5G network infrastructure. The ambition is to train professionals with advanced technical skills by joint research programs and innovative projects in the field of telecommunications.